December 16, 2018

Grand Ole Opry

With Nashville only being 45 minutes away from Bowling Green, we decided to hop in the car and head to the Grand Ole Opry.

Family at the Grand Ole Opry

It was a beautiful time to visit with all of the Christmas decorations on display!

Poinsettia Tree at Grand Ole Opry

December 8, 2018

Celing Rack in the Garage

In order to clear up a little floor space in our garage, Brian put up a ceiling rack. It's awesome!

Our new house here in Bowling Green is starting to feel more and more like home.

December 5, 2018


After a week of unpacking, our house in Bowling Green is starting to feel a little more like home.

Living Room at New House

The kitchen and living room are completely unpacked, and the bedrooms are getting close. Brian is currently repainting the kids' rooms, so that's taking a little extra time. I think it will be well worth it though.

Living Room at New House