August 18, 2018

Top Hat for Tiggy

Here's Porter and his beloved Tiggy. Porter's Great Aunt Darleen brought this little guy to him while he was still at the hospital after being born. They've been together through thick and thin!

Porter & Tiggy

Recently, while Porter was at his Grandparent's house in Ohio, his Grandma Kaye helped him sew a top hat for Tiggy. How cool is that?!?

Not What I Had in Mind

This is not what I had in mind when I bought Porter his marble run set.

Porter and Stella

August 15, 2018

Stella's First Day of Kindergarten

I am so proud of this girl! Although I was crying like a fool, she was as happy as she could be and went right into her classroom, found her seat and started working!

This digital scrapbook creation was made possible by Melissa Bennett's "School Bell" quick page album.

First Days

Look at these beautiful kids ready to go to school!

Porter & Stella are Ready for School

This will be Porter's first day of third grade and Stella's first day of kindergarten.

Getting Ready for School

I just can't take it!

Stella's First Day of Kindergarten!

On the first day of school at Garrett Morgan Elementary, you're allowed to walk your kids to their classroom. Daddy and I take full advantage of that!

Walking to School

August 11, 2018

Boyce General Store, Take II

We love Boyce General Store! This is our second time visiting, and it's all the way down in Alvaton, Kentucky. The kids stood for this same picture back in March of 2017 which you can see by clicking HERE.

Porter & Stella at Boyce General Store

Look at the Camera!

I tell you what, getting a picture where both kids look at the camera at the same time must only result through God's intervention! Oh my goodness, these kids...

Where Are You Even Looking?

Stella's Wings

What a gorgeous butterfly wing mural located at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Stella with Butterfly Wings

Lost River Cave

What a fun day! We decided to take a trip down to southern Kentucky and check out Lost River Cave, an underground boat tour in Bowling Green. 

Lost River Cave Entrance

It was amazing! None of my pictures inside of the cave turned out very well, but it was a great adventure. There's a section on the boat ride where you need to crouch down as low as you can, otherwise, you'll hit the cave ceiling. That was crazy!

August 9, 2018

Open House at Garrett Morgan Elementary

Here's Porter getting to see his new third-grade classroom and meet his teacher, Mrs. Mandell, at Garrett Morgan Elementary's open house event:

Porter Meets His New Teacher

August 7, 2018

Driving the Gator

Here's Stella getting to steer the Gator at Parker and Grandpa Kaye's farm.

Grandparents & Stella

This brings her so much joy!

August 5, 2018

Hot Day in Louisville

Whew! It was certainly hot during our outing in Louisville, Kentucky! I think these two might melt!

Daddy & Stella

Historic Old Louisville

On this beautiful (and very hot) day in August, we decided to travel out to Old Louisville, a charming area known for its many restored Victorian mansions.

Daddy & Stella in Old Louisville

Here's just a peek at some of the beauties we saw:

Old Louisville Collage

August 4, 2018

Little Tree Frog

Oh, how I love this little tree frog!

Tree Frog Stella

Second Gymnastics Recital

Today, Stella completed her second gymnastics recital and the Little Gym.

Stella at Her Gymnastics Recital

Stella did an awesome job once again, and she even got another medal!

Stella at Her Gymnastics Recital

August 1, 2018

Two Weeks Away from Starting Kindergarten

I can't believe we're just two weeks away from Stella starting kindergarten. Time has gone by way too fast, but I couldn't be more proud of the little lady she has become.

This digital scrapbook creation was made possible by Melissa Bennett's "Grow" quick page album.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Stella's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment was scheduled today at Garrett Morgan Elementary. I was a little nervous for her, but she was super excited. She's ready for school!

Stella Getting Ready for the KRA

Pure Sunshine

This girl is pure sunshine!

Stella Sunshine
This digital scrapbook creation was made possible by Melissa Bennett's "Summer Punch" quick page album.