May 28, 2018

Ravens Run Nature Sanctuary

On this beautiful Memorial Day, we went on a hike through Ravens Run Nature Sanctuary. The path we chose turned out to be a bit more intense than we were expecting, but the kids (and their momma) did pretty well all-in-all. Here's a pic from the Kentucky River Overlook:

Family at Ravens Run

May 26, 2018

Grandparents & Columbus Park of Roses

Today, we met up with Parker and Grandma Kaye at the Columbus Park of Roses.

Grandparents with Porter & Stella

This is such a beautiful park!

Porter & Stella

May 22, 2018

Get Along

These two get along pretty well... most of the time!

Porter & Stella
This digital scrapbook creation was made possible by Melissa Bennett's "Little Moments" quick page album.

First Gymnastics Recital

Stella's first gymnastics recital at the Little Gym was today, and she did an awesome job!

Stella at Her Gymnastics Recital

All of the children who participated got a medal and a certificate at the end. Stella was beyond pleased!

Stella on Stage at Her Gymnastic Recital

May 18, 2018

Ridiculous Pun

Well, orange you both adorable!

Daddy & Baby Girl
This digital scrapbook creation was made possible by Melissa Bennett's "Heat Wave" quick page album.

May 16, 2018

Stella's Preschool Graduation

Here's Stella at her graduation at Crossroads Preschool. We are just so proud of her!

Stella's Graduation from Preschool

May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Garden

Brian put in this lovely, little side yard garden for me in celebration of Mother's Day. He knows how much I love lavender!

My Mother's Day Garden

May 6, 2018

Such a Ham

Oh, how I love this little ham!

Stella Being Stella

May 5, 2018

Looking for a Good Photo Op

This kid is always looking for a good photo op, and she finds them too!

Stella Bella

May 4, 2018

Rock a Hat

Stella knows how to rock a hat!

Stella and Her Hat