March 31, 2018

Arboretum Delight

This afternoon, we enjoyed a lovely walk through the Arboretum, a 100-acre botanical garden owned and operated by the Univerity of Kentucky.

Stella & Porter

March 27, 2018

Birthday Bike

Check out Porter on his new birthday bike!

Porter's Birthday Bike

March 18, 2018

Carousel Ride

This afternoon, we enjoyed a great visit to the Louisville Zoo, as well as a lovely carousel ride at the end.

Carousel Ride at the Louisville Zoo

March 16, 2018

Horse Statues

If you haven't noticed, we take our horse statues very seriously here in Lexington!

Posing with a Horse Statue

Stella Being Stella

Oh, this girl...

Stella Being Stella

March 13, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday, Porter!

Happiest of birthdays to a very special boy who is caring, compassionate, considerate, decisive, detail-oriented, devoted, dutiful, empathetic, friendly, generous, helpful, inquisitive, kind, loyal, modest, observant, particular, perceptive, persistent, polite, practical, reflective, reliable, reserved, sensitive, sincere, tenderhearted, thoughtful, tough, and warm.

Porter is 8!

May your 8th birthday be a delight! We love you, Mr. P!

March 11, 2018

Delightful Day

What a delightful day! We enjoyed a sunshine-filled drive to Paris, Kentucky, and then a delicious lunch at the Windy Corner Market.

Porter & Stella in Paris, Kentucky