January 23, 2017

Epic Jenga Battles

Daddy and Porter have recently begun playing Jenga together. They can have some pretty epic battles at times:

January 11, 2017

My Car Was WHAT?!?

What a night! Nothing like having the police pound at your door at 2AM to let you know they recovered your stolen car. I didn't even know my car was stolen!

Shout out to the Lexington Police Department for their incredible and fast work. Nothing was damaged or missing in my vehicle. Praise the Lord!

January 7, 2017

Wild Eggs Warm-Up

On this cold, Kentucky morning we ventured to Wild Eggs, one of our favorite Lexington restaurants, for a hot breakfast. The food was great, but more importantly, the coloring was superb...

Porter & Stella at Wild Eggs

January 6, 2017

Cardinal Cutie

What a blessing to see this little, red fluff-ball on this cold, winter morning!

Cardinal Cutie