April 30, 2016

Third Street Stuff & Coffee

We were back down in Lexington again this weekend searching for our home. We didn't find it. However, the weekend wasn't a total loss. We did find the most fabulous coffee shop instead.

Third Street Stuff & Coffee

Third Street Stuff & Coffee found right in downtown Lexington is an absolute delight. I am quite sure we will be known a regulars very soon.

Stella at Third Street Stuff & Coffee

April 25, 2016

Flowering Trees in Bloom

We couldn't have asked for a better day to visit our favorite local park, Secrest Arboretum. All of the flowering trees are in bloom making a glorious experience for both the eyes and the nose!

Gorgeous Flowering Tree

And the slide is fun too...

Stella on the Slide

Check out this super quick clip of the babies having a sliding good time:

The Birthday Sheltie

Happy 5th Birthday, Blu! We just love you through and through!

Best Sheltie Ever

April 24, 2016

The Search for Our New Home

For the last few weeks, we've been in hot pursuit to find a home in Lexington, Kentucky. On April 9th, we made an offer on a house in Lexington that was accepted. However, after attending the inspection on April 17th, we realized that we had not found the right house for us, and... by God's grace, no doubt... we were able to get out of the contract. Brian and I then returned to Lexington on April 22nd to look at more homes, but nothing was found. The search continues!

Porter P-Pot Stephen

April 23, 2016

Missing Daddy

This little girl has been missing her Daddy! He was gone all week, splitting time between Lexington and Scottsville, Kentucky. We're all so very glad to have him home!

Daddy's Girl

April 17, 2016

Throwing the Babies

This would be our kids' second trip to the pool today, and third trip since they got into Lexington last night. They just can't get enough!

Ornery Little Buggers

Here are some random pics of the kids being their ornery little bugger selves:

Porter & Stella in Lexington

Lexington's Pools

As with all of our trips to Lexington, the kids are not so interested in getting to know their new city, but in experiencing their hotel's pool!

April 16, 2016

These Kids Have It Rough

For our third trip down to Lexington as a family, Daddy and I decided to buy the kids Amazon Fire tablets to help with the 5 hour drive. These two have it so rough!

Amazon Fire Babies

April 14, 2016

Using Up the Smoke Bombs

Check out the video below of the kids using up the last of our smoke bomb collection:

April 3, 2016

Our Last Fire in the Fireplace

One of the many thing we love about our Orrville house is its fireplaces, especially the one in the family room. From October through April, Brian has a fire every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night... no exaggeration. We are sure going to miss this!

Our Family Room Fires

Here's Brian thoroughly enjoying one of his last Orrville family room fires:

Snow in April

We woke up this morning to SNOW!

April 1, 2016

No April Fool's Joke

On Monday of this week, our house went for sale. Today, our house is under contract! God is GOOD!

Our House Is Sold!