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Check out Porter's little aliens found below. He created them out of the jello play-doh we made a couple of weeks back. I think they are so cute!

Jello Play-Doh Aliens by Porter

Porter's Play-Doh Aliens

February 28, 2016

My kids are always up for a messy art activity, and I found the perfect one for them today: Sidewalk Squirt Paint. I had been waiting to bust this art activity out for awhile now, and with today's beautiful, sunny weather, there was no better time.

Porter and His Sidewalk Squirt Paint

This activity was actually pretty easy to set up. I just needed some squirt bottles, equal parts of cornstarch and baking soda, a few drops of neon food coloring, and enough water to let the concoction flow. The kids had a blast, and our driveway is now the most colorful in all of Orrville. We will definitely be making sidewalk squirt paint again.

Painting the Driveway with Stella

Sidewalk Squirt Paint

I understand, Stella. Number work wears me out too...

Worn Out Baby

Number Work

February 26, 2016

On our way out to pick Porter up from school, the snowflakes were falling with force over Orrville.

Snowy Stella

Stella just had to experience them for herself!

Snowflakes & Stella

Snowflakes Over Stella

February 25, 2016

Last weekend, I made Jello play-doh for the kids (although, in all honesty, I've enjoyed my fair share of playtime with it as well). The task was a little daunting due to the number of colors I made, but all in all, this homemade project was well worth the time. The play-doh has a great texture, smells delicious, and has held up very well against my two rascally rugrats who want to play with it all the time.

I found this project on the website Modern Parents Messy Kids, and the ingredients were quite simple and inexpensive. All you need to make a batch is white flour, salt, cream of tartar, cooking oil, water, and a box of Jello.

Homemade Jello Play-Doh

February 22, 2016

What a great day to get outside here in Ohio!

Stella on the Playground

Enjoying the Outside

February 20, 2016

Friday afternoon is finally here! Daddy is fresh off the plane from Nashville, Porter is home from school, Stella is up from her nap, and Momma has the camera fully-charged and ready to go. Let the weekend begin!

Hiding In Between Daddy's Legs

Check out this funny below of my wild, booty-shaking munchkins:

Let the Weekend Begin

February 19, 2016

Earlier this week, I tried my hand at making watercolor paints from a recipe on Skillshare. The ingredients were simple enough, just using baking soda, cornstarch, white vinegar, corn syrup, and food coloring (all items I already had on hand).

DIY Watercolor Paints

Although it looked like a bomb went off in my kitchen after I finished making these 24 watercolors, the mess just might have been worth it. The paints actually worked very well, and Porter was quite proud of my efforts. Score for Mommy!

Homemade Watercolors

February 12, 2016

Stella has been wanting her birthday cake for weeks now! I hope it was worth the wait...

Stella's Birthday Cake

Check out the video below of Stella blowing out her birthday candles:

Stella's Birthday Cake

February 11, 2016

There are not too many things more enjoyable for a 3-year-old than birthday balloons!

Birthday Balloons for Miss Stella

Check out the video below of Stella thoroughly enjoying her birthday balloons:

Stella's Birthday Balloons

Happiest of birthdays, Baby Stella! You are loved more than you could ever know!

Riding the Birthday Train

Dear S.O.S,

You are such an amazing young lady. When you were born I was absolutely terrified of having a baby girl. The thought of you growing up and all the girly problems were more than I could bear. While I am still quite concerned about all of that, I have come to realize that it will all be okay.

Birthday Girl Stella

You have an amazing heart and a strong will. You are also loved and know you are important. I like that you know what you want and have the persistence to pursue it relentlessly. I like that you give hugs and kisses and like to snuggle. I also have to admit that I do quite enjoy that I am your favorite person. You always want me to hold you or kiss something to make it better. You run to me if you are scared or are looking for security. I absolutely love to hold you, it never gets old. I also think I realize the time is not far off that you won’t want to be held any longer. Just remember, as you grow older, wiser, and more mature, I will always be your daddy, and you, will always be my one and only little girl.

Love you always,

Happy 3rd Birthday, My Baby Girl

I just love to curl Stella's hair, and for the most part, she likes it too (although the picture at the bottom right would say otherwise)!

Stella Getting Her Hair Curled

Curling Stella's Hair

Porter was so happy that it snowed today! He could hardly wait to get home from school and play outside...

Porter Making Snowmen

February 9, 2016

Stella wanted to stop by Daddy's work to show him her new glittery dress. She even managed to cover Daddy in glitter so he would look beautiful for all of his co-workers!

Stella & Daddy

Cover Daddy in Glitter

February 3, 2016

Oh, this girl! I can't even handle that she's going to be 3 in a little over a week...

My Glittery-Heart Princess

Glittery-Heart Princess

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