July 28, 2014

Playing Around at Gailey Park

After dinner this evening, we headed to Gailey Park in Orrville for some playground fun. Both Porter and Stella approved of this plan!

Stella Bella on the Playground

Getting a decent shot of Porter proved rather difficult while at the playground. The boy does not stop moving! However, while he was briefly trapped in a tunnel, I was able to snap the photo below.

Quick Snap of Porter

Although not as rambunctious as her older brother, Stella also had a great time running around the playground and climbing on the equipment. Of course, Daddy was there to keep her safe from any precarious ideas she may have considered trying out.

A Helping Hand from Daddy

July 23, 2014

Baby Herder

Blu takes her job as a Baby Herder very seriously. Check out the video below:

July 16, 2014

Lake Metroparks Farmpark

With Brian being on a business trip to Memphis this week, I thought the kids and I would take a trip of our own. This morning, we headed north to Kirkland, Ohio for a fun excursion to the Lake Metroparks Farmpark.

Lake Metroparks Farmpark

This place was great! There was so much to see and do for both Porter and Stella. Even though they are at different ages and stages in life, there was more than enough to keep both of them interested during our entire time there. In fact, we were at the Farmpark for over 4 hours and didn't have a chance to see everything.

Porter at Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Can you find baby Stella in the picture below? It's hard to see her with the ginormous tomatoes in the way!

Those Are Some SERIOUS Tomatoes

There is a big playground inside of the Farmpark that Porter just adored. Stella was more excited by the pint-size tractors she could ride all on her own.

Stella on a Farmall

The kids also enjoyed seeing all of the animals at the Farmpark. There were plenty of cows, sheep, goats, piglets (that were as cute as could be), llamas, alpacas, and horses to enjoy. Porter even got the opportunity to ride a pony! He did a great job and had a big smile on his face the entire time.

Porter on a Pony

Check out the video below:

If you're ever near the Kirkland area, the Lake Metroparks Farmpark should be a definite stop. Not only do I highly recommend, but Porter and Stella give it four thumbs way up!

July 14, 2014

The Home Inspection

The inspection took place today on the home we just bought in Orrville. It was exciting to revisit the house, and we are more convinced than ever that we found the right one. There's a lot about this property to love, but one of our favorite things is the view. Check it out:

Our View Looking South

July 12, 2014

Pinning Porter

Porter started soccer through the Orrville YMCA a few weeks ago. His soccer pictures just came back today, and we're lovin' this pin!

Porter's Soccer Pin

July 11, 2014

Pestering the Poor Dog

The video below is of Stella and Blu sitting together on a porch chair. Well, Blu is sitting and Stella is pestering!

Getting Closer to Closing

The appraisal of our new house in Orrville takes place today, and the inspection is scheduled for Monday. We're getting closer to closing!

July 7, 2014

Breaking Out the Good Stuff

With today being our eighth wedding anniversary as well as the day we bought our new house, we decided to break out the good wine from the reserves. This 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from Eberle Winery in one of our all-time favorites. Now this is a good way to celebrate!

Cabernet Sauvignon from Eberle Winery

Best Anniversary to Date

On this day eight years ago, Brian and I recited our vows at a small outdoor ceremony in Akron. It was a beautiful day, and of course, it was one of the most important days we will ever experience in our lives. We were so excited about our future together and had all sorts of questions concerning what God had in store for our new little family.

Eight Year Anniversary

Eight years later, we still have lots of questions. We still wonder what we're supposed to do with our lives if we should ever grow up. However, with all the questions that we still have, many of the big ones have been answered. One of those questions was answered today. On our eight year wedding anniversary, we signed the papers to buy what we believe to be our "forever home" in Orrville. You've got to love God's perfect timing. I know I certainly do.

Our New Home in Orrville

July 6, 2014

Bike Riding to Daddy's Work

Porter rode his bike all the way to Smucker's and then back again. He did a great job!

Stella & Porter on the Smucker's Sign

July 5, 2014

Big Decisions in Life

Stella has been busy this morning deciding which chair she likes better--the blue one or the green one. Here she is taking the green one for a spin:

Stella and Her Green Chair

Every 30 seconds she moves from one to the other. These are the big decisions in life!

Stella on the Porch

Check out the video below:

July 3, 2014

Orrville and the Fourth of July

Here in Orrville, we take the Fourth of July very seriously. The festivities last for almost a week! On Tuesday, Orrville had its Sesquicentennial Parade, and the carnival began and will run until Saturday. The carnival is only a couple of blocks from where we live so we walked over last night.

Stella & Porter

There were lots of rides and delectable (but terrible) food items to chose from at the carnival. Porter was in little boy heaven!

Porter & Daddy at the Carnival

Porter really enjoyed the Fun Slide with Daddy. Check out the video below: