October 29, 2013

Sleepy Baby Stella

Here's our sleepy, baby Stella right before bed:

The Wonder of Baby Toys

It's amazing how appealing baby toys can be to a three-year-old (who would normally have no interest in them) when Mommy says, "These are Stella's toys!"

Baby Toy Fun

October 27, 2013

Trunk or Treat Event

Grandma and Grandpa Gauder stopped by the Trunk or Treat event to see the little rascals in their "tribute to Daddy's work" garb. Here's Stella being joyously entertained by her Grandma Kaye:

Grandma & Grandpa Gauder

An added bonus to this event is that the kids got to go on a hayride! It was a bit chilly, but they had a fun time.

Porter & Stella's Hayride Adventure

Before leaving, we enjoyed a few hot dogs and treats inside the wonderfully-warm church building. Here's Stella-Berry in line to get her grub on (meaning a few spoonfuls of applesauce)!


Making Sister Jam

"I'm going to make jam out of you!" said the Smucker's employee to the strawberry!

Stella the Strawberry

Introducing Smucker's Newest Employee

This evening, we took Porter and Stella to a "Trunk or Treat" event at a local church here in Orrville. Although this is a little silly, we dressed Porter as a Smucker's employee. He even had a Smucker's badge and bag to make it official!

Smucker's Youngest Employee

October 25, 2013

Off to Dance Class

We're off to Porter's dance class at the Orrville YMCA!

October 23, 2013

Tamed Mane

After taking a bath, Stella's hair can be tamed... for about 5 minutes!

Stella's Tame Mane

Babies in a Box

Check out my babies in a box:

October 21, 2013

Look Out World

Stella is officially crawling!

Stella is Crawling!

We're Coming for You, Myrtle!

Our Myrtle Beach vacation for 2013 has been scheduled! Brian found a beautiful condo to rent, and we'll be headed down to the ocean in November!

Porter in a Tree

We've made it an annual tradition to visit Myrtle Beach every year in the fall. With being in the off-season, lodging is incredibly inexpensive at this time, and the crowds are at a minimum... just the way we like it!

Tree Climbing Porter

Last year, with being in the third trimester of my pregnancy with Stella, we were unable to make our Myrtle Beach pilgrimage. So this year, Brian and I are over-the-moon with anticipation to get back to one of our favorite places on the map with both of our babies in tow!

October 20, 2013

Swinging Stella

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, Brian and I took the kids to Christmas Run Park in Wooster. Porter had a blast as his Daddy chased him through all the various sections of the playground, while Stella enjoyed gentle pushes from her Mommy on the baby swing.

Stella Swinging at the Park

Stella's Third Tooth

Stella's third tooth is here! Check out the video below:

Three Rascals

I love these three rascals!

Daddy, Porter & Stella

Goofy Faces

I think Porter can add "extensive expertise in creating goofy faces" to his resume!

Porter's Goofy Faces

October 18, 2013

Dance Party

It's a Stephen Clan Dance Party!

October 14, 2013

A Natural

Porter went fishing with his Grandpa Gauder today, and judging by this string of fish he caught, it looks like he's a natural!

Porter & Parker

October 12, 2013

Mr. Porter Sure Likes to Dance

Good golly! Porter sure loves to dance, as you can see below!

Stella-Berry at Smucker's

Here's our little Stella-Berry trying her very best to get added to the Smucker's logo! 

Stella-Berry Stephen
The elements used in this digital scrapbook creation can be found in Kristin Cronin-Barrow's "A Bushel and a Peck" design kit.

October 9, 2013

Babies and Balloons

Balloons are always fun, no matter how old you are!

October 7, 2013

Lucky Lady

Here's Stella getting some love from her Daddy during his lunch break from work! What a lucky lady!

Daddy & Stella

October 5, 2013

Pumpkins for the Porch

Daddy has been wanting to get a few pumpkins for our porch, so today, we stopped by Ramseyer Farms to grab a few. 

Stella at Ramseyer Farms

Of course, "a few" turned into 93 pounds worth and an additional 18 decorative gourds, but at least we're set for fall!

October 4, 2013

Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery

This evening for dinner, we tried out Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery in downtown Wooster. The food was so good, even Stella became a fan after trying their incredible hummus. We will certainly revisit soon!

The Stephen Clan in Wooster

Starting Dance Class

Porter loves to move and groove, so we thought he might enjoy the Kids' Creative Dancing class at the Orrville YMCA. The first of eight classes met today, and Porter did indeed have a blast. Daddy even came during his lunch hour to see his little boy shake it! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Porter in class that I can post (I don't post pictures containing children who are not my own out of respect of privacy), but here is a picture of Daddy and Stella cheering on our little man from the waiting area!

Porter's Cheering Section
Daddy & Stella at the Orrville YMCA

October 1, 2013

Painting Outside with Porter

Today, I let Porter loose in the backyard with art supplies! He had a blast painting an old sheet with has hands and feet, a few leaves, some sticks, and even a walnut! 

Painting Outside with Porter

Here's a video of our colorful time outside: