September 2, 2013

This Man Is A Keeper

Brian is one great husband! He has been working non-stop to get our house in Orrville to an ideal condition. Here he is power-washing the the cement steps of our back entrance:

Brian Power-Washing the House

I can't even list all of the things Brian has done to the house since we have moved in! Just in the last few days, he has painted the ceilings of our kids' rooms, painted the walls to our upstairs atrium, fixed a leaky sink in the bathroom, installed DRIcore sub-flooring in the basement, dug out a large (and ugly) stump in the front yard, trimmed the trees and shrubs in the backyard (which was a big task), edged the sidewalks (which has probably never been done since the sidewalks were installed), and started power-washing everything in sight! This man is a keeper!