August 31, 2013

Cannot Be Tamed

No matter how hard I try to tame Stella's hair, my efforts are in vain!

Crawling Stella

Daddy's Face

Stella was so happy to wake up to her Daddy's face this morning. Thank the Lord for weekends!

Stella & Daddy

August 27, 2013

Autumn Avenue

The kids and I found a great sign on our way home from IKEA Pittsburgh!

Autumn Avenue

August 24, 2013

Porter's Ouchie

Porter had his stitches removed on Monday, and his gash is healing pretty well. It still looks painful, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Porter's Ouchie

Coming Along

Things are coming along at our new house. Although the amount of work we need to do (or at least, we feel we need to do) is still immense, we're making headway. Brian painted the kitchen yesterday, and it looks awesome! This room seemed very dingy when we first moved in, but now with a few coats of paint, it's bright, cheery, and beautiful!

Porter in the Kitchen

Brian has been working his little tush off lately to get this house feeling like a home. Just in reference to the kitchen, Brian built shelves in the pantry to increase our amount of storage, and with the help of my dad, he installed a reverse osmosis filtration system so we can have great-tasting, pure water. I married one good-looking handy man!

August 21, 2013

Miss Stella

Here are a few pictures I took today of Miss Stella in her monkey bouncer:

Monkey Bouncer Smiles

August Milestones

Stella's first tooth has arrived! I felt it poking through the gum last night. Also, she started baby food last week and seems to absolutely love the variety of flavors. I think she grew tired of bland formula and rice cereal! 

Stella's First Tooth Has Arrived!

With turning 6 months old this month, Stella is starting to rack up the developmental milestones!

August 17, 2013

Cuddly Babies

Here's just a random picture of my cuddly babies sitting on the couch together:

Cuddly Babies

August 16, 2013

Banana for a Monkey

Here's Stella sitting in  her monkey bouncer and chewing on a banana baby toy!

Stella in Her Monkey Bouncer

Living in a Mess

For those of you who know me, you know I love order and organization. I love laminated labels on my storage containers. I love having an intentional and well-thought out location for every single item I own, no matter how small or insignificant. Somewhere along the line, I grew a serious aversion to clutter, and being around a mess will actually make my blood pressure rise (seriously).

Orrville Living Room

So needless to say, moving to Orrville has been a bit challenging for me. There are messes everywhere I look, and I can't escape the clutter. The only room that is not a total disaster is our living room, but it even needs some work. Although I can't wait until we finally settle into this house, I have realized through this experience that I could use some serious growth in the areas of tolerance, patience, and peace. Self-improvement through home-improvement... who would have figured!

Babies on the Chair

August 15, 2013


On Wednesday night, we stopped by my parents to drop off some things. Porter begged to stay with his grandparents, so Brian, Stella and I went to Panera for dinner. As we were finishing off our food, I got one of those calls that every parent dreads. My parents informed me that Porter "was okay... but needed to get stitches."

Porter's Stitches

Brian and I raced to Akron Children's Hospital to get to our baby. He had fallen in my parents basement and hit his head on their wood-burner. This had caused a serious gash above his eye. Nine stitches (2 internal and 7 external) later, we took our little boy home. Porter is doing well and has taken this whole experience in stride. He keeps telling me that he is okay, and his "scratch" doesn't hurt anymore. He'll get his stitches removed on Monday by his pediatrician, Dr. Post.

Porter's Hospital Band

August 14, 2013

Moving Announcement

Thanks to Tiny Prints, I think our moving announcement postcard came out quite well:

Elm Street Moving Annoucement

August 13, 2013

One Last Time

So here we are packed up with the very last of our things from the house in Ellet. Our keys and garage openers are on the counter, and we're headed to Orrville to begin a new chapter in our lives.

Headed to Orrville

Before leaving, Brian and I walked through the house one last time. We reminisced on the many great memories we made while living on Graham Avenue. We also did a lap around the yard and talked about Porter's tree, the one Brian is standing next to in the picture below. This is a tree that Brian grew from just a 1-inch seedling right around the time Porter was born in 2010.

Porter's Tree

As we pulled out of the driveway for the very last time, I sobbed. I will miss this home and this neighborhood. Leaving has been painful, but I am persuaded that even though our last chapter was good, the next is going to be even better.

Today Is the Day

Today is the day! After work, Brian is meeting me at the house in Ellet to move out the very last bit of our belongings, and then we hand the keys over tonight!

We've had so many wonderful experiences at our home in Ellet. Leaving has been rather difficult for me. However, although I have cried many tears over the last few days, I am filled with hope. I do believe that God has prompted us to move to Orrville for some purpose. I am still not entirely sure what all that entails, but I am certainly excited to find out!

Bare Living Room

August 12, 2013

New Surroundings

Here are the kids relaxing on the couch at our new home in Orrville. They seem to be adapting to their new surroundings quite well!

Porter & Stella

August 10, 2013

The Move Continues

We're down to 4 days to get everything out of our house in Ellet!

Third Load to Orrville

The truck and trailer have been filled three times now in the last 36 hours, and one last load will probably finish us off.

A Rascally Crew

We're getting close!

Blu in the Dining Room, Stella's Room, and the Master Bedroom

August 9, 2013

The Countdown is On

Now that the closing papers have been signed to our home in Ellet, we have 5 days to move all of our belongings (and children) to Orrville!

Packing Porter

We are so blessed with great family! My Aunt Darleen and Uncle Len are allowing us to borrow their truck for this massive move! This truck has been an absolute God-send!

Daddy and His Babies

Also, my dad's trailer has been seriously handy in relocating us from Ellet to Orrville!

Porter & Grandpa "Parker"

Although we have until the middle of next week to be out of our home in Ellet, the majority of our move will happen this weekend while Brian is off work. The countdown is officially on!

Run-Away Moving Box

August 8, 2013


Our home in Ellet is officially sold! The closing papers were signed today, and the "SOLD" sign hangs proudly in the front yard.


From start to finish, this whole process of selling our home and moving to Orrville has taken four months. God is good!

August 6, 2013


Before officially moving into our home in Orrville, Brian has been painting each night after work. A fresh coat of paint in the bedrooms and living room has made a huge difference! The house is beginning to take shape, and look like a home!

Porter on the Porch

August 1, 2013

More Stella & Blu Pictures

Our collection of Stella and Blu pictures is becoming immense! Here's a few more to add to the pile:

Stella & Her Dog

House Closing

Our buyer's loan has been approved, and the title company said we can sign the closing papers next Thursday! It looks like we have a busy weekend ahead of us!

Our "Old" House