Camping in the Backyard

Akron, OH 44312, USA
A few years back, before Brian and I had children, we bought a tent. I'm not really sure what possessed us to buy this tent, since neither of us had any real interest in camping, but it was on sale at Target, and we thought it might be fun. We used it once.

Roughing It in Ellet

Now we have a little, red-headed boy who loves the outdoors and spending time with his Daddy. Brian thought that a perfect father-and-son experience would be to camp in our backyard. The first time they tried this was about a month ago, and it went fairly well (although they had two heaters running the entire time). So, here they are setting up the tent for a second go. This time, however, Brian brought out a TV and DVD player for their viewing pleasure. Way to rough it, guys!