July 29, 2013

Finally Official

Well, it seems like it is finally official. We're moving to Orrville! We get the keys to our new place this afternoon, and our home in Akron should close in mid-August. We want to acknowledge that all of this could not have become a reality without the grace and goodness of our Lord. We're excited to see what He has in store for us in this new community and chapter in our lives.

Packing Up for Orrville
The elements used in this digital scrapbook creation can be found in Kristin Aagard's "Moving Day" design kit.

July 28, 2013

Jungle Saucer Baby

Stella loves playing in her jungle saucer!

Stella in the Jungle Saucer

July 27, 2013

Stinkin' Cute

Here's our baby Stella fast asleep on the couch. She is just so stinkin' cute!

Sleeping on the Couch

July 26, 2013

Grandma Bev's Office

Here are a few pictures from our visit at Grandma Bev's office before attending her retirement party at O'Charley's in Cuyahoga Falls.

Visiting Grandma at Her Office

Happy Retirement, Grandma! We wish you the best of fun as you begin to enjoy your new found freedom!

Pictures with Mommy

I am not a fan of my picture being taken, but just to prove that I do in fact exist, here are a few photos of my babies with their Mommy:

Mommy and Her Babies

July 25, 2013

Introducing Our New Home in Orrville

Assuming everything goes through with the sale of our home in Ellet, we have found a house to rent in Orrville! Due to a series of rather miraculous events, we found ourselves standing in our soon-to-be residence last Sunday afternoon. The house is truly lovely inside, and it's exactly one mile from Brian's office! God is good!

Our New Home in Orrville

July 18, 2013

Happy Day

The Stephen Clan got some special surprises today! Not only did we get this beautiful bouquet of flowers, the kids each got an adorable teddy bear to enjoy!

Beautiful Bouquet

As a family, we're awfully spoiled by our Aunt Darleen and Uncle Len! Thank you guys so much for these very thoughtful and cheery gifts! They completely brightened up our day!

Teddy Bear Friends

July 17, 2013

Babies on a Loveseat

Here are my loveseat babies!

Loveseat Babies

July 16, 2013

Watching & Waiting for Daddy

Stella is missing her Daddy! She knows he should be home from work now, but he's on a business trip in Des Moines, Iowa. Someone really ought to tell the poor kid!

Waiting for Daddy

July 15, 2013

Stealing Kisses from Daddy

Here's Stella stealing some of my kisses from Daddy at lunch today!

Stealing Kisses from Daddy

July 14, 2013

Here We Go Again

On Wednesday, July 10th, we accepted a second offer on our home here in Ellet. We are officially in "Sale Pending" status.

Sale Pending

Although we're hesitant to begin packing just yet for Orrville, we do feel a greater amount of peace with this offer than with the first. Currently, we're awaiting the date of the appraisal to be scheduled.

Our Home in Ellet

July 9, 2013

Cooling Down

With today being hot and humid, I thought it might be a good time to get out the kiddie pool for Porter. Although it is very small for him now, he still managed to have a good time!

Splashing with Porter

Wore Out

I guess our ride home from having lunch with Daddy really wore the kids out!

Babies Sleeping in the Car

July 5, 2013

Camping in the Backyard

A few years back, before Brian and I had children, we bought a tent. I'm not really sure what possessed us to buy this tent, since neither of us had any real interest in camping, but it was on sale at Target, and we thought it might be fun. We used it once.

Roughing It in Ellet

Now we have a little, red-headed boy who loves the outdoors and spending time with his Daddy. Brian thought that a perfect father-and-son experience would be to camp in our backyard. The first time they tried this was about a month ago, and it went fairly well (although they had two heaters running the entire time). So, here they are setting up the tent for a second go. This time, however, Brian brought out a TV and DVD player for their viewing pleasure. Way to rough it, guys!

July 4, 2013

Stella & Grandma Bev

Here's Stella and her Grandma Bev enjoying some quality time together at the annual Fourth of July family picnic:

Stella & Grandma Bev

Fourth of July Fun

Porter loves the Fourth of July. This is because ever since he was born, he gets to go in a pool at his cousins' home in Richfield, Ohio.

Jumping into the Water

Porter is definitely a water baby! He could spend all day in the pool if you let him.


Porter also loves the time he spends with Daddy in the pool. He loves to push Daddy off the diving board...

Push Daddy off the Diving Board

... jump into the pool in Daddy's arms...

Jump in Together!

... and let Daddy throw him into the water.

Daddy Throws Porter

One thing is for sure, Daddy and Porter make great water buddies!

Water Boys

Happy 4th of July

Here's wishing you all a happy and festive Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July!
The elements used in this digital scrapbook creation can be found in The Shabby Shoppe's "Summer Cottage" design kit.

July 3, 2013

Putting Stella to Work

We visited Daddy at work today. Here's Stella giving Daddy a hand with some important emails!

Stella at the Keyboard

We love you, BriBear, but you really ought to clean up your desk!

Messy Desk

Check out the video below of Porter and Stella having fun at Daddy's desk:

July 1, 2013

Crowning Princess Stella

Check out the adorable video below of Porter crowning Stella as a princess! Too precious!