January 19, 2013

The Arcade

Today, we took a drive out to The Arcade found on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland.

The Arcade located in Cleveland, OH

The Arcade originally opened its doors in May of 1890 and is considered to be one of the first indoor shopping centers in the United States.

Inside of The Arcade

The glass skylight is what really look our breath away. It spans over 300 feet and is comprised of 1,800 panes of glass. Amazing!

Glass Skylight of The Arcade

Porter really enjoyed climbing all of the stairs at The Arcade.  He certainly wore his very pregnant (9 months today) momma out!  Here he is taking a rest in the food court.

Porter in The Arcade's Food Court

For more information about this historical landmark, check out The Arcade's website found at: http://theclevelandarcade.com.

Outside of The Arcade

Also, while walking around the streets of Cleveland, we stumbled across the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

Soldier's and Sailor's Monument

This is an incredible monument that was first opened on July 4, 1894. It was designed by architect Levi Scofield to commemorate the patriotism and valor of the over 9,000 soldiers and sailors who served in the Civil War from Cuyahoga County.  

Soldier's and Sailor's Monument

Although we weren't looking for this historical treasure, we are so happy we found it.  Both the interior and exterior are exquisite!  Here's Porter getting ready to jump off a section of the monument in his true red-headed style.