November 30, 2012


“…So many kids are not allowed to flourish their creativity. But I was the kind of kid that would take apart the family piano. I can remember I had a perfectly good bicycle I got for Christmas and a few days later I had sandblasted it and painted it a different color. Not that my parents understood why I was always ripping things apart and redesigning them but I was certainly tolerated. So I think it did contribute (to my future career) in a lot of ways. I wish for a lot of other kids that they could tinker like I did.”
~David Kelley, founder of IDEO and the Stanford 

November 28, 2012

Switching Rooms

With baby Stella on the way, Brian and I decided to make some adjustments to our home. We are switching bedrooms with Porter so that our bedroom will now be on the first floor, and his room will be on the second.

Brian & Autumn's Upstairs Bedroom

Brian and I have enjoyed residing upstairs for the last 3 years, but we believe this new arrangement will be best for our expanding family. The picture above and below are what our "old" room used to look like.

Brian & Autumn's "Old" Room

By this weekend, we should have some photos posted of Porter's "new" room which will include freshly painted walls, a brand new bunk bed, dresser, and rug, and a "creative" space for him to work. We're really excited to see this project reach completion!

November 26, 2012

Stella's Nursery

Stella's room is officially underway!  Over the weekend, Brian painted her nursery two beautiful shades of yellow making it quite bright and cheery.

Our baby girl's room should be complete within the next week.  We have her rug, lamp, and wall decorations ordered, and Brian and I will be picking up her crib, dresser, and chest of drawers later this week.

We are so excited to bring our baby home in February to a beautiful nursery!

November 20, 2012

The Joys of a Highlighter

Porter and His Highlighter

Porter has always preferred drawing with a highlighter over crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

Porter and His Highlighter

If anyone could make a beautiful work of art with a neon yellow highlighter, it's Porter!

Porter Drawing with a Highlighter

November 19, 2012

Davenport Park

On our walk around the neighborhood today, Porter decided that he wanted to visit Davenport Park. This park is just a few blocks from our home and has a playground that Porter enjoys.

Porter Swings at Davenport Park

Porter tried his hand at the hanging money bars today.

Porter Reaching for Hanging Monkey Bars

Although they were a reach for him, he was able to grab hold of one.

Porter Reaching for Hanging Monkey Bars

He wouldn't let go of it for anything!

Porter Hanging from Monkey Bars

After a little bit, he was able to get both hands on the bar.

Porter Hanging from Monkey Bars

In Porter's words while he was hanging from the bar, "Whoa!"

Porter Hanging from Monkey Bars

November 18, 2012

Throwing Rocks Never Gets Old

Since today was beautiful and sunny, we decided to take a drive out to the West Branch State Park for a walk along the lake. 

Porter at West Branch State Park

Of course, Porter's main objective was to throw as many rocks as possible into the water.

Porter & Daddy Find Rocks

Even Daddy joined in on the fun!

Porter & Daddy Throw Rocks into the Water

Here's Porter looking for a BIG rock to throw in the water. No one can accuse this kid of lacking self-confidence!

Porter Climbing Rocks at West Branch State Park

November 17, 2012

Cracker Barrel

It has been years since either Brian or I have been to Cracker Barrel. So we thought it might be a nice place to grab lunch today.

Porter at Cracker Barrel

Porter was absolutely mesmerized by the table puzzle. Here he is deep in thought on his next move!

Porter Deep in Thought

Naturally, after the table puzzle, Porter was interested in seeing how wide he could open his mouth. You've got to love this kid!

Porter at Cracker Barrel

Here's a video of Porter being his silly self:

November 14, 2012

Don't Drink and Smile

Porter at IKEA Cafeteria

The result could lead to your beverage running down your face!

Porter at IKEA Cafeteria

November 12, 2012

Hidden Possibilities

“The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future.  If what we really want is a new world, then education must take as its aim the development of these hidden possibilities.”  
~Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

November 7, 2012

2012 Thanksgiving Card

Check out our 2012 Thanksgiving card made at Snapfish.  Love it!

Porter's 2012 Thanksgiving Card

November 5, 2012

Wingfoot Lake State Park

Porter has been in a real need to get outside and play.  Last week, we weren't able to get out much due to Hurricane Sandy.  It was cold and rainy for the entire week!

Porter Running at Wingfoot State Park

So today, we decided to get into the car and drive to Wingfoot Lake State Park.

Porter at Wingfoot State Park

Although it was a bit chilly, Porter and I both enjoyed going on a walk (of course, Porter ran most of the time) and seeing the beautiful lake.

Porter at Wingfoot State Park

A few months ago, Porter and I actually got to see the Goodyear Blimp land at its hanger while we were walking at Wingfoot Lake State Park.  We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the blimp again today, but this was to no avail.  Next time perhaps!

Porter at Wingfoot State Park

November 3, 2012

Porter's Sundae

Tonight, we went to Bob Evan's for dinner. Our waitress brought Porter his very own ice cream sundae just to be nice. He was very pleased!

November 2, 2012

Cooking with Porter

Today, Porter helped me make Cream of Wheat. Oddly enough, we made this common breakfast delight late in the afternoon. I'll admit, I've had some interesting cravings while carrying Miss Stella!

Porter Cooking

Porter was a great helper.  Here he is stirring the contents of the pan:

Porter Cooking Cream of Wheat

After our food was cooked, we added just a pinch of brown sugar to make it utterly delightful.  Yum!

Porter's Cream of Wheat