August 30, 2012

Knights Field Park

Today, Porter and I went to Knights Field Park in Wooster, Ohio.  At this park, there is a section called Kiddie City where there are miniature stores and businesses for tiny tots to play in.    

Kiddie City in Wooster, Ohio

In Kiddie City, there is also a section completely set aside for making noise. Porter loved playing with the different drums and making an absolute racket!

Make Some Noise!

Of course, mini-Kohl's was my favorite part of Kiddie City!

Mini-Kohl's at Kiddie City

The playground was also pretty fun.  Porter just loves to climb, so he had a blast with all the different ladders and tubes.

Playground Fun at Knights Field Park

You've just got to love this kid!

Looking Up at Porter

Check out the video below:

After our time at the park, we headed 10 minutes down the road to visit Daddy at work.  We had a fun day!

August 23, 2012

We Will Soon See

This afternoon, we had our second check-up for our precious baby in the womb!  Everything looked good, and we'll be able to find out if we are having a boy or girl on October 1st.  I am convinced we are having a girl, and without saying anything to Dr. O'Shea, she put her wager into the baby girl pool as well.  We will soon see!

August 22, 2012

Porter's Pub

While I was in Columbus, I happened to drive by a very cool sign.  I was so excited, that I turned the car around so I could grab a picture.  Check it out:

Porter's Pub in Columbus, OH

August 21, 2012

Columbus Park of Roses

Most of you know that I work part-time as the Parent Involvement Coordinator at OHDELA, a distance learning K-12 school headquartered in Akron, Ohio.  With my job, I occasionally get to travel through the state leading trainings for our enrolled families.  This week, I led trainings in the areas of Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus.  

While in Columbus, I had a few hours of down time, so I decided to check out the Columbus Park of Roses, a 13 acre park with over 11,000 roses in more than 400 varieties.  It was simply a gorgeous adventure!

This park was a joy for the senses, with roses stretching as far the eye could see and the sweet smell of petals filling the air.  It was incredible!

I seem to be into slideshows these days!  So here's another one depicting my fabulous time at the Columbus Park of Roses:

August 19, 2012

MAPS Air Museum

Today, we went to the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, Ohio.  It was awesome!

Grumman F-14B Tomcat at MAPS Air Museum

We were very fortunate to meet a good-hearted and extremely knowledgeable guide.  He shared a great deal of interesting information with us, and let Porter get into all sorts of things he probably would not have been allowed to experience otherwise!

Porter Sitting in the Grumman F-14B Tomcat

Porter really enjoyed that he not only got to see lots of different planes, but he also got to touch a few!

Pilot Porter Sitting in a Mig-17 Fresco

With living in Ellet, we get to see the Goodyear blimp fly by multiple times per week. It just tickles Porter's heart every time he spots the blimp in the air! So it was a real treat when we got to sit in the actual Spirit of Akron Goodyear blimp control car at MAPS!

Daddy & Porter inside the Spirit of Akron

Here's a slideshow from our wonderful time at the MAPS Air Museum:

August 16, 2012

Passed Out Porter

For the last several days, Porter has not been taking his afternoon nap. I guess it finally caught up with him! Here he is fast asleep on the couch at 5PM:

He hasn't fallen asleep on the couch since he was a newborn!

August 15, 2012

Beech Creek Botanical Gardens

Beech Creek Butterfly House & Gardens

This morning, Porter and I went to the Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve in Alliance.  

Porter with a Butterfly on His Hand

As you can see, Porter actually had a butterfly rest on his hand. He was very careful with this butterfly, and gently blew on it when he wanted it to fly away. I was so proud!

Porter in the Butterfly House

Porter and I spent most of our time in the butterfly house.  There was so much to see, and it was all beautiful!

Beautiful Butterfly

We even got to see a few hummingbird moths!  

Hummingbird Moth

Porter also enjoyed walking through the vegetable garden.  He was particularly interested in the pumpkins and tomatoes that were being grown.  

Porter in the Vegetable Garden

Seeing butterflies and being outside on a beautiful day, what could be better? We had a great day!

Porter Enjoying the Lovely Gardens

Here's a slideshow of our fun morning at the Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve:

August 12, 2012

Baby Bunnies

Ellet is well-known for its rabbit population. We all (especially Porter) enjoy our daily rabbit sightings throughout the summer months. However, today was a special treat, and we found 2 baby bunnies! Here's a picture I was able to snap of one of the little cuties!

Baby Bunny in our Backyard

August 11, 2012

Challenge Accepted

Brian had quite the weekend!  The neighbors up the road decided to cut down two large silver maples in their front yard.  Anyone who could move the 400-500 lb. slabs of wood could take it for free, and Brian accepted the challenge!     

Porter Climbing on Daddy's New Firewood

On Friday, Brian actually rolled the tree trunk slabs two blocks down a hill and into our yard.  This was a sight to be seen!

Thumbs Up from Porter

On Saturday, Brian was fortunate to have Grandpa Gauder come over with his chainsaw to help with the remaining pieces that could not not be rolled.  Also, Grandpa cut all of the large slabs in half so they would be easier to split.     

Hugging Trees with Porter

Although this process took many hours, Brian is thrilled to have lots of firewood for the winter. Now he has several weeks of splitting wood to look forward to!

August 6, 2012

Tinkers Creek State Park

Today, Porter and I went to Tinkers Creek State Park in Aurora. The picture below captures our overall visit. Porter ran the trail, while I tried to keep up!

Occasionally, Porter would stop to show me a stick or rock he found, and then he was off again! I was sweaty and totally worn out by the time we got to the car. I think this kid is going to be a marathon runner!

"Look, Mommy!  A stick!"

August 4, 2012

Cleveland Botanical Garden

This weekend, we headed to the Cleveland Botanical Garden in celebration of Grandma Bev's birthday.

This was our first visit to these gardens, but I am sure it won't be our last!  It was just amazing!

We started our adventure in the glasshouse that featured recreations of the Madagascar desert and the rainforest of Costa Rica.  Both were incredible!

Then, we headed outside to enjoy the vast beauty of the gardens.

Porter especially enjoyed the Hershey Children's Garden.  There was a lot for an inquisitive, red-headed bubby to investigate!

We had a wonderful day with a wonderful woman!  Happy Birthday, Grandma Bev!

Grandma Bev, Daddy & Porter
Here's a slideshow of our lovely day at the Cleveland Botanical Garden: