June 19, 2012

Furnace Run Metro Park

Today, we took a drive out to Furnace Run Metro Park in Richfield, Ohio.

Porter Throwing Rocks into the Stream Below

Furnace Run has a beautiful stream that runs through it. Porter really enjoyed finding rocks and sticks to throw in the water.

June 18, 2012

Springfield Bog

Today, Porter and I went to the Springfield Bog Metro Park.  Although it opened in 2011, this was our very first visit.  

Porter Picking Flowers at the Springfield Bog

Porter enjoyed picking flowers and finding rocks.  Although we were mostly in direct sun the entire time, we walked the entire 1.6 miles of the Prairie Trail together.  Go, Porter!

Porter Holding Two Big Rocks in His Hands
In the Words of Porter, "Two Big Ones!"

June 17, 2012

Happy Dagu's Day!

 Porter is a very crafty, little man!  Here's the Father's Day card he got his Dagu:

Porter's Father's Day Card for Daddy

Happy Father's Day, BriBear!  We love you so much!  You are truly a wonderful father, and a pretty decent husband as well!  Porter and I are so blessed to have you as the leader and provider of our family.

Inside of Porter's Card to His Daddy

June 16, 2012

Cedar Point 2012

For this trip to Cedar Point, we thought a wagon might be a good idea. Here's our new Radio Flyer, fully equipped with a canopy and cushioned seats!    

Porter in the New Wagon

Although I have a few pictures of Porter inside the wagon (which we got with some coercing), he was much more interested in pulling it than riding in it. The wagon didn't house the baby as well as we were hoping, but it was very helpful in pulling all of our junk (diaper bag, cooler, coffee, camera, and extra clothes)!

Porter Pulling the Wagon

One Cedar Point tradition we have is riding the ferris wheel as a family. This would mark the third year that Porter has been on this ride (he rode it at 3 months, 15 months, and now at 2 years of age). We're excited for the new baby to be part of this tradition as well!

Taking a Ride on Cedar Point's Ferris Wheel

Here are my silly boys with their arms up for this "wild" ride.

Going Crazy on the Ferris Wheel

With recently passing the 36" mark, a whole new world of opportunity opened up for Porter. This year, he was able to take delight in nearly a dozen rides!

Of all of the rides Porter tried at Cedar Point, the Kite Eating Tree was definitely his favorite. Here he is getting buckled into this fantastic ride:

Arms Up!

He actually rode the Kite Eating Tree 4 times, and would have been happy to go back for more!

Porter Enjoying a Ride on the Kite Eating Tree

The video is rather cute as well:

After riding several rides in the morning, we headed back to the hotel to take a swim in the pool, and then Porter took a well-deserved nap. We were then ready for another go at the park! This time, we headed to Cedar Point's new exhibit called Dinosaurs Alive!

Warning:  Dinosaurs Will Step on You!

Porter really enjoyed this part of the park.  Just like most little boys, he loves dinosaurs, and there were over 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs for him to discover.

Cedar Point's Dinosaurs Exhibit

What's that lurking around the corner?

Porter at Dinosaurs Alive

Oh, no!  Not a T-Rex!

Porter Looking at a T-Rex

After Dinosaurs Alive, Porter was ready for more rides! We kept going until 10PM (when the park closed)!

Porter on the Red Baron at Cedar Point

This was a great trip to Cedar Point. Porter really enjoyed himself, and we got to spend some good, quality time as a family in a very cool place. It was wonderful!

June 15, 2012

Hotel Breakers

This weekend marked our third annual trip to Cedar Point!  Every year since Porter was born, we head up to Sandusky on a Friday, spend the day at Cedar Point on Saturday (tickets provided by the J.M Smucker Company), and then drive home on Sunday.  This year, however, we decided to stay right inside the park at the historic Hotel Breakers.  

Ready for the Water!

Staying inside of the park was a blast!  The best part about it would be having Lake Erie just a few yards away!

Daddy & Porter Playing on the Beach

Here's Porter as he first gets into the water:

Here's our happy, water baby with Hotel Breakers in the background.  

Porter Sitting in Lake Erie

Porter absolutely loved playing in the lake.  We had to force him to get out of the water because his feet were turning purple from being so cold!

Daddy Holding His Little Boy

After we all got dried and warmed up from our Lake Erie adventure, we headed to dinner at the Tomo Hibachi Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse inside of our hotel.  The food was great, and very filling!  We then waddled down to the beach for a stroll!

Porter on Daddy's Shoulders at Cedar Point

With all the new things to see, the most interesting sight for our Red-Headed Bubby was, of course, a John Deere tractor on the beach!  Figures!

John Deere Love

Once we got back to the hotel, Porter got to meet a new friend: Snoopy! Here's a video of their encounter:

June 13, 2012

Important Announcement

Brian and I are very excited to announce that on Friday, June 8, 2012 we learned that a new addition has made his or her way into the Stephen Clan. Three pregnancy tests confirmed (just wanted to be certain) that we are expecting!

Porter is a Big Brother!

It seems that I will be due around mid-February of 2013. My first doctor's appointment has been scheduled for July 17th, and I am looking forward to receiving an official due date.

Brian's Congratulations Card
The inside of the card says, "On Your Reproductive Dexterity!"
We are all thrilled to welcome this new, precious child into our family. Brian and I asked Porter if he wanted to be a big brother, and he responded with a joyous, "Okay!" Then, Brian shared with him that a baby was growing in Mommy's belly. Porter's response: "Whoa!" I couldn't agree more, Porter!

June 12, 2012

Tuesday Recap

Today, Porter and I decided to once again have lunch with Daddy out in Orrville. Here's Porter "hiding" from us while we were eating.

Porter loves to climb. He climbs anything and everything within his reach. So, obviously, these poles were calling him.

Porter even managed to convince Daddy to climb one of the poles too. I'll save Brian from that picture!

On second thought...

Later in the day, after Porter's nap, we headed out to Grandma & Grandpa Gauder's for a walk. Porter loves finding feathers near the pond.

Also, Porter loves to throw rocks and sticks in the water. If you let him, he would do this all day!

Here's Porter searching for more stones to throw in the pond.  

You've got to love this kid!

Although it was an absolute beautiful day, it was also HOT! With all of our walking, Porter felt he should have a fruit bar when we got home. Usually, Porter eats about a third of his popsicle, and then I gives me the rest. It's a pretty good deal in my opinion!

June 11, 2012

Cow Bank

Porter's Grandma Bev brought him back this adorable cow bank from her recent trip to Switzerland.  This is one of Porter's most cherished possessions.  It combines 2 of his favorite things:  cows and money!

Porter and His Beloved Cow Bank

Every day Porter puts a few coins in his bank.  The cow is getting pretty heavy!
Porter Putting Money into His Cow Bank

Check out the video below:

June 9, 2012

The Mouth on this Kid

Here are a few random photos of Porter from today.  

What a mouth on this kid!

I am so thankful that Porter is naturally a very good helper.  Daddy was trimming bushes, and Porter picked up all of the brush by himself and put it in the wagon.  

After all of Porter's hard work, he felt he deserved a wagon ride pulled by Daddy.

Here is Porter's, "I have to get out of the wagon?" face.  Oh, dear...

June 4, 2012

Visit Daddy at Work Day

Today, Porter and I drove out to Orrville to visit Daddy at work!

We got to enjoy delicious delights from the Smucker cafeteria.  This cafeteria is like no other I have ever seen, and the food is actually quite good!  Porter had pizza and loved every bite!

After lunch, we took a quick walk around the beautiful Smucker campus.

Porter wanted to go exploring and visit with all the people sitting outside.

However, Daddy wanted to keep his job.  So up on Daddy's shoulders Porter went!

Here's Daddy and Porter playing their new favorite game which they aptly named, "The Tree Is Going to Get You!"

A little later, Porter wanted to play the "I Get You, Daddy!" game.  The Stephen Clan games have a definite theme.  Other household staples include, "Get Mommy," "Get Blu," and "Get the Baby!"  

It was a fun Smucker's visit.  Porter and I always love when we get to spend extra time with Daddy, especially when we can be outside!