May 26, 2012

iPhone Photos

One of my absolute favorite iPhone apps is called Hisptamatic.  This app uses special filters to make photos look as if they were taken with an antique film camera.  Although I take lots of photos using this app, I am pretty bad about transferring them over to my computer.  So this week, I finally moved a bunch over and created some collages with these pictures inside.  Below, here's the Stephen Clan on a Mother's Day car ride.

Here are a few pictures from my walk earlier this month at Cascade Metro Park (an absolutely beautiful trail).

Last week, Porter and I took a road trip to the Berlin Lake Trail off 224.  

Porter loved exploring this trail!

He especially liked the tall grass.

Thank goodness for Porter's Great Aunt Darleen!  She bought him this fabulous hat.  With a red-head of porcelain skin, being directly in the bright sun can be a real disaster!

Good times for an inquisitive bubby!