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We just love Porter's cow costume!

Porter loves cows! We shop at Acme which has a stuffed cow in the diary section that moos when you press a button.

Porter loves to go shopping just so he can see the cow!

Moo Cow

October 30, 2011

For this year's Trick or Treat bash, Porter dressed up like a little moo cow!

He just loves cows so we thought this would be the perfect costume for him!

Porter and Blu did a great job of saying hi to all of the trick or treaters and making sure each took only one piece of candy!

The video is so precious:

2011 Trick or Treat

October 29, 2011

How cute are they?

The Stephen Men

October 27, 2011

Porter just loves to be in water!

Porter Loves Bath Time!

Bathing Beauty

October 26, 2011

Blu is 6 months old today!

She is just a wonderful puppy! We're so happy to have her!

Six Month Old Pup

October 25, 2011

This is our entertainment on a Monday night:

Monday Night Fun

October 24, 2011

For the last week, all of the members of the Stephen Clan have been battling a cold.

It's been a long week to say the least! We're thrilled that are noses have not fallen off, and we're beginning to feel like our old selves again.

Sick Stephen Clan

October 23, 2011

I like to highlight Porter's smiles and cheerful behavior in this blog. 

Just to make sure there is no confusion though, he does have another side!

The Other Side

October 17, 2011

Check out the video below to hear Porter's version of the alphabet:

Porter's Alphabet

October 15, 2011

Here's a video of Porter with his new workout equipment!

Jumping with Porter

October 14, 2011

Here's a video of Porter enjoying his mid-day snack:

Yogurt... Yum!

October 13, 2011

Today, Porter and I went to Orrville to visit Daddy at work!

We had a wonderful lunch and then took a walk around the Smucker campus.

Porter just loves to look at trees and fallen leaves. I think he's going to love these autumn months!

All that walking wore Mr. P out, so he slept very soundly on the way home (which is about a 35 minute drive from Akron).

Visiting Daddy at Work

October 11, 2011

Porter loves to look up into our trees and spot squirrels, and then announce, "Swirl, swirl!"

What's Up There?

October 6, 2011

Blu is such a wonderful addition to our family!

She's been a great puppy, and we just adore her!

Here's a video of our crazy baby and calm puppy:

Beloved Blu

October 5, 2011

Porter had his 18-month-old check up today. 

Dr. Post said he is doing great!

He is in the 40th percentile for weight, 70th percentile for height, and 80th percentile for head circumference.

He has always had a big head! Here's a video of Porter's outside fun with Daddy:

18-Month Well Visit

October 4, 2011

Today, we got in the car and headed Brunswick to visit Mapleside Farms.

Unfortunately, the visit was rather disappointing except for the 2 pumpkins we found to take home.

I love how Porter's hair blends in with the pumpkins! Here he is holding the little pumpkin we bought:

After visiting Mapleside Farms, we grabbed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Aladdin's.  Our waitress was nice enough to bring Porter a chocolate chip cookie.  He really enjoyed picking the chips out of the cookie!

Porter & Pumpkins

October 2, 2011

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