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Here's a video of Porter and Daddy enjoying a game of rough house:

Rough House Boys

September 30, 2011

Porter found a new seat today, right on top of Blu's kennel!

He's such a ham! Check out the video below for a little chuckle:

Porter's New Throne

September 29, 2011

Porter is fascinated by wildlife. In Ellet, our most exciting wildlife consists of squirrels and bunnies!

It's hard to see in this picture, but in the tree across from Porter there is a squirrel. This squirrel probably sat on that limb taunting Porter for 10 minutes before moving on to something else!

Darn Squirrel

September 21, 2011

Hey, Momma!

Mmmm... this looks tasty!

I found a leaf!

See! See!

I think I'll taste it!

What's Blu doing up there?

Porter's Tuesday

September 20, 2011

Today, we took Porter to the Akron Zoo. It was lots of fun!

Porter really liked watching the penguins!

Check out the video below to see Porter's first encounter with lemurs:

Also, here is a video of Porter checking out the llamas:

Here is a slideshow of our favorite pictures taken while at the zoo:

For more information on the Akron Zoo, check out their website at

First Akron Zoo Visit

September 18, 2011

Porter loves to hide and jump out and "scare" us as we walk by! 

Porter's Hiding Spot

He recently learned that that the space between the window and loveseat is a great hiding spot!

My Little Man

New Hiding Spot

September 15, 2011

Check out this video of our crazy baby at night:

Wild Baby at Night!

September 13, 2011

Today, I worked from home. Porter worked too on a beautiful picture for his Momma! Check out the video below:

Coloring Porter

September 12, 2011

Brian tried to take a nap today, but his babies had other ideas! Here's Blu chewing on bone while laying on his back.

Blu Laying On Daddy

Porter then decided to get in on the action, as you can see below:

When that didn't work, Blu and Porter joined forces to wake their daddy up!

No Sleep for the Wicked

September 10, 2011

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