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We're at our new pediatric dentist's office in Lakeland, TN. Both kids had great appointments, praise the Lord!

New Pediatric Dentist

January 5, 2022

I have been trying to get Brian to take me to a Waffle House for over 15 years now. He finally relented. I can't say that the waffles were amazing, but the service was great, and the kids got these fabulous paper hats.

Fabulous Paper Hats

December 9, 2021

We may be nowhere near unpacked or settled into our new home, but our outdoor Christmas lights are up. It's called priorities... and we really need to get some.

It's Called Priorities

November 24, 2021

While walking on the Wolf River Greenway in Germantown, TN, Porter found this lovely heart-shaped moss growing on a tree. What a beautiful find!

Heart-Shaped Moss

October 17, 2021

We found a wonderful walking trail at the W.C. Johnson Park in Collierville, TN.

Stella is always trying to talk Porter into giving her a piggyback ride. What a good brother!

W.C. Johnson Park Walking Trail

September 14, 2021

Sheltie Smile

September 5, 2021

This week while hunting for a house, we're staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites Memphis Germantown. Of course, the kids are swimming every day in the hotel pool.


September 2, 2021

We're spending this week at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Memphis-Germantown, and the kids have managed to swim at the hotel pool twice a day, every single day now!

Twice a Day

August 25, 2021

High There

August 24, 2021

I think Blu approves of the new car.

Blu Approves

August 19, 2021

Oh, how I just love when my hummingbird moth friend comes by for a visit!

Hummingbird Moth

August 17, 2021

 We always enjoy walking around Fountain Square Park in downtown Bowling Green.

Enjoying the Beauty of Bowling Green

August 4, 2021

Great Day for Baker Arboretum

August 3, 2021

After riding in the back of my little xA all her life, Stella is loving her much roomier seat in the new car.

Roomier Seat

We're currently down in Memphis, TN. Brian is interviewing for the position of Logistics Manager at the Memphis Jif plant. Of course, this is part of the J.M. Smucker family. In the picture below, you can see Brian heading out of the hotel for his interview. He sure cleans up well!

Sure Cleans Up Well

July 19, 2021

Queen of the Turtles

May 29, 2021

We just added reading buddies to our Little Free Library of Plano Estates. I can't wait to see the reaction of the neighborhood kids!

Reading Buddies

May 1, 2021

Resting on a Bench

April 15, 2021

Our tulips are in bloom! Brian and I planted these bulbs last fall, and we've so enjoyed seeing them pop up over the last couple of weeks.

I just love the colors! This makes me so happy!

Tulips in Bloom

March 29, 2021

Rainbow Princess

March 12, 2021

Stella is bundled up and ready to play in the snow!

Ready to Play in the Snow

February 1, 2021

Totally Stellar

January 31, 2021

Earth angel, Earth angel, the one I adore. Love you forever, and evermore.

Earth Angel

January 6, 2021

Porter is all about Star Wars LEGO sets. Check out his latest build:

Star Wars LEGO Sets

December 27, 2020

Balancing on the Beam

December 12, 2020

Finally, a break from the cold! It's been downright chilly here in southwest Kentucky for the last several days... or weeks... I don't know anymore. However, today was absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the 60's and full sun. We got right to my favorite place in Bowling Green, Chuck Crume Nature Park

While on our walk, the sun was in just the right position for us to play with shadows. Obviously, one of the children was really into this.

Break from the Cold

December 9, 2020

This afternoon, Porter and Stella worked on building a gingerbread village. The whole process went better than I had expected with only one of five houses breaking (providing a yummy snack for hard-working kids). They even collaborated well together too... thank you, Jesus!

Check out their finished work:

Gingerbread Village

December 6, 2020

This evening, we enjoyed a wonderful stroll through Bowling Green's downtown Christmas light display at Fountain Square Park while drinking coffee from Spencer's and eating cookies from Little Fox Bakery. What a delight!

Downtown Delight

December 4, 2020

Cardinals have been visiting our backyard lately, so we thought we would make them some peanut butter birdseed ornaments. I think they came out pretty well.

Ornaments for Cardinals

December 1, 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas as the Stephen house! Brian has been working hard in getting Christmas lights up in the front and back yards. 

I can't seem to get a decent photo of our lights at night. This is the best I have been able to do (which is not saying much, clearly):

Christmas Lights Are Up

November 29, 2020

This just might be the life. Here's Stella sitting comfortably in a giant, bean bag chair while she reads Epic! books on her iPad and has her dog closeby to keep her company.

The Joys of Homeschool

November 27, 2020

This is what happens when Daddy runs into Sam's Club and leaves us in the car for 15 minutes:

Bored in the Car

November 15, 2020

I just love our weekly walks at Chuck Crume Nature Park.

Weekly Walks

November 13, 2020

Oh, how I love Chuck Crume Nature Park in Bowling Green. The leaves are the most beautiful pinkish-red right now.

Stella calls this stretch of the trail, "Cotton Candy Lane." It's even more beautiful in person.

Cotton Candy Lane

November 10, 2020

Today, we took a quick trip to Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana. It is a lovely zoo, and it is less than 2 hours away from Bowling Green. We will definitely visit again.

Mesker Park Zoo

October 24, 2020

We love to give our Bugs (Stella's nickname) lots of hugs!

Bug's Hugs

This photo took at least 30 tries...

Here is just a sampling of the many rejects...

For the Love of God

October 17, 2020

Oh, these kids...

Always (Play) Fighting

What a beautiful day to take a hike through Dugas Community Park in Scottsville, Kentucky.

Dugas Community Park

I remember when Brian looked at me like this...

Times Have Changed

October 15, 2020

Here are the pumpkins we grew this year in our little backyard pumpkin patch. It's not quite the haul we hoped for (many of our vines did not make it through the season), but we're still tickled with the ones we got.

Fruits of Our Labor

October 11, 2020

Here's Blu living her best life, all cuddled up and cozy on our hotel bed in Chattanooga.

Cuddled Up and Cozy

October 8, 2020

With this being Fall Break, we decided to take a quick trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. What a wonderful city! We absolutely loved walking through the Bluff View Art District as well as driving up Lookout Mountain and seeing the Chattanooga skyline from Point Park.

It was a wonderful trip!


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